Like a Levi’s Commercial

It was a long car ride. That’s all she could think. But of all the things to say, she didn’t want to complain. What would he think? She wanted to come off happy and positive. Guys don’t like depressed girls. They just do drugs and get drunk and she was done with that.

“There wasn’t much to see,” she started, searching for the positive spin, “But then we crossed the state line and the scenery was beautiful.” He smiled, a little. She mentally kicked herself. Now she sounded like a dizzy blond. She was walking the line between being so in touch with life she was manic-depressive, to being so out of touch with life she wouldn’t need a brain. Isn’t there supposed to be middle ground?

“Well, welcome to town. I’ll guess I’ll see you around.” She only nodded, still trying to find the reaction that could undo everything she just did. He turned and walked away, and she watched him go, feeling like a Levi’s commercial.

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