The Pope vs. Materialism

“Before our eyes we have the results of ideologies such as Marxism, Nazism and fascism, and also of myths like racial superiority, nationalism and ethnic exclusivism. No less pernicious, though not always as obvious, are the effects of materialistic consumerism, in which the exaltation of the individual and the selfish satisfaction of personal aspirations become the ultimate goal of life. In this outlook, the negative effects on others are considered completely irrelevant. Instead it must be said again that no affront to human dignity can be ignored, whatever its source, whatever actual form it takes and wherever it occurs.” — Pope John Paul II, “Respect for Human Rights,” January 1, 1999 (appeared in the July/August 2001 issue of Adbusters magazine)

Sometimes the Pope can be pretty smart. I marvel at why Christians (especially the brand of Christianity I grew up in, where Catholics aren’t considered Christians) don’t give the Pope more credit. No one stands up against more of culture’s crap than the Pope.

And now he’s set his sights on materialism and consumerism. Where do evangelical Christians stand?

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