I see people.

People. Walking to and from the bus stops and riding the bus has reminded me of people. People seem real in a way they’ve never been before–not when I drove to work anyway. There’s something about freezing next to somebody while you wait for the light to change that gives you a sense of compassion. Being trapped in an enclosed automobile seems to quell this feeling, this understanding. Sitting next to total strangers, sitting around total strangers reminds me that we are all human.

It’s not that I’m connecting with anyone on a deep spiritual level–I’m not connecting with anyone period. I don’t like the fact that bus passengers have this cold acknowledgment of one another. We let you sit next to us, but we barely grumble a hello, if you’re lucky. And if a seat opens up, you better go take it. We wouldn’t want to sit next to each other if we didn’t have to.

But despite the distance, I still see these people. I see their faces, their skin, not the make and model of their car as it speeds by at 55 mph.

And aren’t people what’s really important? The rest is just clutter. Or it should be.

Of course I still don’t know how to connect with these people–or if I even should. Is it any better to see people as opposed to not seeing them if nothing comes of it? Or is seeing enough? I like to think it is.

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