Last Thanksgiving Home

Is Thanksgiving break over already? And just when I had completely forgotten all my projects, assignments, papers, and tests. And was it a time of thanks? I’m not so sure. I felt like I was eating and running, eating and running. After my sophomore year of college home became less and less like home each time I came back. Now I realized it would be one of the last times I’ll actually be home for an extended period of time (so I was only home for four days, compared to the 36 hours I’ll be home for Christmas, that’s an extended period). In less than a month I’ll have my own place called home. I won’t have to move anymore and cram my stuff in the back of my pickup and drive home at the end of the semester. I’ll already be home. Which makes my last time at home a little frenzied, hectic, and sad–if I would have slowed down enough to notice.

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