What’s in Worship for Me?

Why am I always worried about what I get out of worship? The point of worship is to glorify God. He is the primary audience member. Yet I’m worried about myself. Is the room hot or cold, do I have to sit or stand, are the songs slow or fast, familiar or new, hymns or praise choruses? For some reason all of this matters to me and I get all bent out of shape if a worship service doesn’t fit my expectations. If the drummer plays a style I don’t care for or if the worship leader gestures like a preschool teacher I get annoyed.

But since when was the worship service centered around me? Worship is for God. I don’t matter. The value of worship is not judged on the spiritual high I walk away with. Worship is judged on whether or not God is pleased.

And yet I still strive for what I want. I shop for the church that suites my needs, I look for the upbeat worship service that I like. Yet that’s not really what’s important. Don’t people make the church? So why do I base my church selection on programs, pastors, and the style of the service? Do I even know what priorities are?

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