Mrs. Davis, Second Grade Teacher

My name is Sandy Davis and for forty-three years I’ve taught second graders to subtract 5 from 9 and to shut the hell up when I’m talking. You probably think that’s cruel. Lots of people think that’s cruel nowadays, but that’s just too damn bad. I’ve been doing this for forty-three years and nobody’s gonna tell me I’m doing it wrong.

This morning I called Daniel back to my desk. The lunch monitor informed me he’d been pulling girls’ hair, among other things. The lunch monitors are always telling me things I don’t need to hear. I’m not interested in who Daniel kissed. I’m not interested in who wants Daniel to kiss them. I’m only interested in correcting Daniel when he does something he’s not supposed to. I asked him what happened and I actually had to try to hide my smile when I saw him squirm. He knew he was in trouble, and I let him have it. That’s what teachers do. You don’t do this for forty-three years if you don’t love these kids.

If his mother saw it she’d complain. If the head of the PTA saw it they’d complain. If the principal saw it he’d wish I was more tactful, but he’d be glad he didn’t have to talk to Daniel. Alan

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