When’s the Slaughter?

It’s 1:00 a.m. and I’m pausing to contemplate life on planet earth. I always stop to contemplate life at such a late hour, and I’m wondering why I’m not in bed. Sleep away the worries of today. But they all come back in the morning, somewhere between the bed and the shower. I’m truly amazed at the world we live in today. We’re so blind to justice. We’re so blind to our very own causes.

I remember the frustration of elderly people on a bridge above the Mississippi River, a river that once carried slaves to freedom. They watched the cars go by, thousands of them an hour, and lamented at how we’re too busy going this way and that way to care about people in pain, people in need. We’re too focused on what we want to notice what others need. And so people die, all around the world while I’m waiting in line at McDonald’s for soda that will rot my teeth and make me a caffeine addict, and greasy food that has fattened a nation–so when’s the slaughter?

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