God’s Comma

Sometimes I wonder how my current dilemmas fit into God’s view. Does God care that I spent three hours trying to design a web site, only to shake my head because it’s not quite right? Does God care about the comma I missed while editing my work? Does God care about the tag in my shirt that makes me squirm and wiggle until I drop everything and find the scissors to cut it out and throw it away?

Come on, it’s a comma. Why would God worry himself with a comma? Of all the things in this vast universe, why would he take time over my comma?

It seems completely ludicrous to think that God would care about such trivial things, but I like to think he does. Maybe it’s the crazy theological notion of God being outside time which enables me to believe he just might care about my comma. If he’s not bound by time, then it’s not like he has anything better to do. And if he does have something better to do, my comma will still be here waiting for him when he comes back. Do you think God is compulsive about things like that? You’d have to be if you cared about one person’s comma. There’s six billion people in this world. That’s a lot of commas.

I know my comma isn’t that important. Nobody’s going to die if I leave it out. But yet God still cares. It’s a matter of doing the best job I can, of mastering my language as well as I can, of showing the world that I will not accept shoddy craftsmanship. I think God is concerned with all of these things. He demands the best from his people, and that means he cares about the comma.

At the same time, I think God knows when to let it go. After all, it is just a comma. That’s what I like about God. He cares enough to see that I put the comma where it goes, but if I screw it up I’m not immediately bound for hell.

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