Strap Myself In

Last night my stomach went for a ride. I woke up to find my stomach reeling in a circle, like my whole body was being twirled at the end of a rope. It was the kind of feeling you get from a rollercoaster, but I wasn’t at an amusement park, I was in bed trying to sleep. After a few minutes sense returned to my head and I rested safely on my pillow. Just a dream. But what kind of dream are you having when your mind gets so bored with sleep it decides to throw your body around? And this isn’t the first time I’ve had these dreams where I can actually feel my body flying. Maybe it’s some crazy metaphysical thing and I actually am flying. Or maybe my mind just likes to freak me out. But there’s something odd about waking up because it feels like you were just dropped from a 747. It’s not exactly a feeling that resonates with a good night’s sleep. Maybe tonight I should strap myself in.

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