I Could Use a Walk in the Park

College is an interesting time in your life. Your classes are your occupation, except that it never ends. Presumably when you enter the work force you are employed for an eight hour period. When it’s over, you usually go home. Sometimes you might work a few hours over if you have stuff that has to be done. But at some point you call it quits and go home. There is a vast separation between work and home, at least ideally. Of course lots of people bring thoughts of work home with them, if not actual work from work.

But in college you don’t have that leisure. Home is at college. College is at college. It’s one and the same. You don’t go home and get away from your classes and your work. It’s called homework for a reason. When your classes are over your books are still bearing down on you from their designated shelf. Your pile of work still sits in the corner, waiting to be done. When you climb into bed, what ever isn’t finished sits on your desk for tomorrow morning, to greet you along with the blare of your alarm clock.

Kind of depressing, isn’t it? And I only have one semester left. Ha! But seriously, I paint a picture of working for a living as a walk in the park, and college as hell. In reality I’m sure it’s not that way at all. College just seems like hell right now. I could use a walk in the park.

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