How Do You Respond to Public Harrassment?

Today a girl at work was talking about MTV’s The Real World and said they put those people on TV so we can look at them and judge them, talk about whether their hair is ugly and how they made a stupid decision. She said this in defense to a roommate’s comment that she’s judgmental. I couldn’t help but laugh.

Today as I was riding my bike across the Robert’s Street Bridge to the parking lot where I park my truck, I saw something I wished I could stop. Several hundred feet ahead of me a high school aged boy was riding his bike along the sidewalk. People are always walking along this sidewalk towards the cheaper parking lots on the other side of the bridge. Every time this kid passed a woman he reached out and pinched her butt. Most of the women jumped in shock and fear, and the kid rode on, snickering to himself. The women continued on to their cars, looking flustered and upset. I wanted to yell at this kid. I wanted to catch up to him and do something. If I was close enough to him I don’t know what I would have done, but I would have done something. I’ve never felt so powerless before. By the time I reached my truck I was very tempted to peel out after the little hoodlum and run him down. I just don’t understand some people.

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