There was that song on the radio again. You just can’t get away from it. It’s like a friend who won’t shut up.

Then there’s this guy typing on his computer and you just don’t know where he’s going. He doesn’t know where he’s going. You try to blink the sleep from your eyes and wonder if he was doing the same thing when he wrote it.

The internet is a crazy world. Is anyone actually sticking it out long enough to get to this sentence. Or this one? Can I drag you along for one more sentence? I know if I was reading this I would have left by now and found something more worth my time. The internet is perpetuating the scavenging skimmer, the reader that never really digests anything, just chews here and there. You can’t really call them a reader. It’s what’s happening to our society. Blame it on technology or the internet or whatever.

The scariest thing is that it’s not someone else’s problem. I find myself doing this. I was looking through a web zine the other day and the editor had posted a medium length tirade about his editorial philosophy. I started reading the first few paragraphs. Being an editor myself, I was pretty interested to see what he had to say. But three paragraphs into it he lost me and I started skimming. I didn’t actually read anything, my eyes just scanned a few more sentences, and I skipped to something else. It’s scary to think that people do that to your own work.

How long will books last in such a society? Or will they just continue to be published but never read?

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