Why are we so scared?

Why are we so scared? We’re so afraid to admit so many things, or even entertain simple notions. The very inkling that we might be wrong strikes terror in our hearts. Since when do we have all the right answers? Since when do we know it all? It’s funny how often we judge and tell others how the world is, yet we can’t see it for ourselves. Worst of all we whine when things don’t go our way and we’re offended at the slightest thing. Do you think God is ever offended by us? Do you think God stands up there in heaven shaking his head at all the little heathens? Bad heathen. Bad, bad, bad. Do you think God stands up there in heaven smiling at all the little Christians? Good Christian. Good, good, good. We like to make things so simple. We put God in our little box and that’s where he belongs. That’s why we don’t understand when there’s an ounce of the transcendent in something outside the four walls of the church. It’s because God will not be confined to a box. Yet we never understand.

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