Discontented Jeans

That’s it. I’ve had it. I’m not putting up with it anymore. I came to a point today where I realized I am completely discontent with my jeans. That’s right, denim pants. I’m fed up with mine. Maybe it’s just the static in the air that’s making the material suction to my already skinny legs. Or maybe I’m actually getting bigger. I don’t know what it is, but something is causing me to be completely dissatisfied with my jeans. I’m not sure what it is, but they just don’t fit right. I walk around feeling self conscious like I’m stuck inside some 80’s music video where everyone’s wearing tight pants and t-shirts with no sleeves.

Sometimes I need to work my jeans in a little bit. They come out of the wash a little too stiff and that first day is a little uncomfortable. But by the second day they’ve loosened up and feel fine. That hasn’t worked lately. The second day is just as bad as the first, and at that point I’ve given up by the third day.

Not only do my jeans not fit right, they’re just not as cool as everyone else’s. Maybe I just don’t buy my jeans at the right store. Maybe I shouldn’t let my mother buy them anymore. Everyone else’s jeans are torn and ragged in just the right spots. I wonder if they do that on purpose or if they wear like that. Everyone else’s jeans are the right color, the right fit, and have just the right amount of grunge. The closest I have to grunge is my most comfortable pair of jeans. I had to resort to them today. They used to be very grunge. A ragged whole in each knee–air conditioning. But the holes kept getting bigger and they had to be patched. Which launches my fashion far beyond the grunge and into the patched realm–which isn’t anything cool and original. I stole the idea from my fiance (she was the one who patched them).

It’s my jeans-dilemma, and frankly I’m tired of it. I’ve decided I’m heading to the closest thrift shop and buying cheap jeans that fit. So why is this worthy of my daily thoughts? I don’t know, I’m too fed up with my jeans to worry about it. You can draw your own connection between my discontentment with my jeans and the state of our society.

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