Bob Jones Drops Interracial Dating Ban

If you read Friday’s pondering, it should be of interest to you that Bob Jones University has dropped their no interracial dating policy. Apparently Bob Jones III appeared on the Larry King show Friday night and announced that the school was dropping the policy. I find that kind of interesting, because the letter on their web page explaining and defending their position was posted Friday. Apparently they had quite a change of heart. Jones explained the shift by saying the school doesn’t want to cause more harm to the body of Christ than they’re doing good with the rule. Also, there is no Bible verse to back up the rule, just a principle, and one that isn’t exactly being assaulted by dating between races. Jones also called it a rule no one talks about, apparently a non-issue on campus that has only served to stir up national controversy. So the school has dropped the rule.

I’m glad they’ve dropped the rule. It’s certainly a good step. It does seem to be an interesting turn of events though. Not very expected. It’s almost no fun when you’re arguing and the other person suddenly says, ‘Okay, you’re right. I give up.’ You’re kind of left saying, ‘Okay, good. Well then…’ There’s not much else to say. It still is an interesting debate to consider. The one thing that bothers me was how adamantly the school defended the rule, and now they’ve suddenly changed it. I know I sound like I’m whining because I don’t have anything to fight over now, but it just makes me wonder. I should probably just shut up and be happy they changed the rule.

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