Different at 2 a.m.

Things are different at two in the morning. Every light in every bedroom is off, and the only light comes from the vigilant street light outside. A subtle and overwhelming silence hovers over everything, smothering it, and glaring at the tiniest of noises attempting to shatter the quiet. For some odd an inexplicable reason it is now that my mind wants to wander. It wants to run up and down the rows of memory in my head and recount the day’s dilemmas. What could I not figure out today? My mind begins to chew away at it in the silence, and the silence seems to understand the problem. I feel isolated, alone, and quiet, but the answers to life’s questions seem to come more readily. It’s as if the lack of noise has awakened a previously unused section of my brain. I’ve tapped into a new power and I want to let my mind push the limits and conquer my daily difficulties. But I look at the clock and realize I should be sleepy. The alarm will soon blare and the noise of the day to day will return. I wish I could conduct my daily business in this overwhelming silence. It seems so much more productive, distraction free, and somehow simpler. If only sleep weren’t a problem.

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