Learning to be Wide Minded

Why do we always have to have an opinion? Why is it so hard to admit we’re wrong? The other day my roommates and I were talking about the presidential elections, and one of them told us about a web site where you could take a survey and it would tell you which presidential candidate most closely matched your views and give you some general statistics on your answers and how they relate to the candidates. We all took the survey and were comparing our results. I had to admit that my results probably weren’t too accurate because I didn’t know anything about half the issues I was asked about. Sure, I knew of the issue. I’d heard some rhetoric from both sides, but I didn’t have a clue what the issue was really about. It’s just now dawning on me since I’m old enough to vote that I should know about this stuff. I can’t help but wonder how many other Americans are in my boat. Yet what percentage won’t admit they don’t know anything?

It’s like living in a box when we pretend we know everything. When I was in high school I was an adamant Christian rock listener. I didn’t understand why any Christian would want to listen to the radio or any secular music for that matter. I was so closed minded I never even considered the thought. Since coming to college I’ve been blown away. Nearly all of my roommates are U2 fans, and I’ve been amazed at the power of their music. Not only that, but you could easily argue that some of U2’s songs are expressing Christian ideals–an idea that was completely foreign to me in high school. Recently I’ve been too lazy to take my CD cartridge to my truck and I’ve been listening to the radio. A favorite song of mine has been Creed’s “Higher.” I just liked the way the song sounded. Tonight I decided to learn more about the band. So I checked out their web page and actually read the lyrics to “Higher.” I couldn’t stop there. I read the lyrics to half the songs on their newest CD. I was amazed at the Christian themes that kept coming up. All my life a lack of knowledge has lead me to think secular music is trash. But that’s only because I was being completely narrow minded. Some of it is trash. But there’s also some very powerful and insightful music out there. Maybe it’s time we start admitting we don’t know it all and broaden our horizons.

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