The Haze of Christmas Lights

A yard full of bright flashy lights, hollow plastic characters, and more Christmas kitsch than anyone could ever handle. I saw the house from the freeway, and just had to drive by. Messages were spelled out in lights. Santa could be seen in six different places. Some gingerbread men were playing on the seesaw. Reindeer, snowmen, elves, candy canes and more. A wreath at the top of the house kept flashing “Happy Birthday Jesus.” The front yard was lit up like the inside of their house. As we drove by several cars pulled over and their joyful occupants flooded the street for a better view. I drove away shaking my head.

Is this what you think Christmas is? Do you somehow think you’re doing a service to your neighbors with such a massive display of Christmas spirit? The minivans will pull up and the families will pour out. Little children’s eyes will glow, and they’ll sleep with visions of megawatts dancing in their heads. I suppose it’s all okay, cuz they’ll see the “Happy Birthday Jesus” sign, and they’ll remember that your yard full of electromagnetic haze is all for Jesus. Maybe it’s to make up for the fact that Jesus was born in a stable, with no heat, no running water, and no electricity. I suppose now we Christians can afford to share some of our luxuries with the newborn King. Jesus would probably appreciate the effort.

I can’t help but wonder what’s on the inside of the house.

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