When I Look Up

Too many late nights shown true with glazed and baggy eyes. But it’s more than worth it. You often learn more in college outside of class than in it. This week has been one of those weeks. It’s nice to be able to set the responsibilities aside and just enjoy life. To sit down and talk with your roommates for three hours. To laugh. To really get a feel for what drives people. To share what’s on your heart. Some things are just more important than homework.

I want to walk into your sanctuary
And all around me
The angels stop and stare
I want to lay my life
Down before you
I want to lay myself down
By your feet
And weep for joy
That we finally meet
Oh God

Did I do what I was called to do
Did I do what you wanted me to
Did I be the best that I could be
And will your mercy cover me
When I look up,
Will you be smiling at me
(‘When I Look Up’ by the Insyderz, © 1999)

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