Who Am I to Change the World?

Do you ever just get tired of the way things are? Does the way the world work just frustrate you? Priorities are in the wrong order and nobody seems to understand what’s most important. Sometimes it’s just plain frustrating. You know what needs to happen in that case? You just need to change the world.

This sounds like a radical idea. Who am I to change the world? But if you claim to be a follower of God, then it’s your duty to change the world. That’s the whole reason we’re here. It bothers me when Christians hide in their bubbles and try to change what’s inside the bubble. They complain about the outside world, but they never do anything to change it. At best they make changes in their little bubble. But that’s not what we’re supposed to do. We’re supposed to go out and change the world. So let’s get changing.

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