You Are Not God

You are not God
And you don’t know what it’s like
(“Separate Lines” by Maskil)

I ask so many questions. Hiroshima, man’s sinfulness, and my own mistakes. We ask so much of you, God, but we never stop to wonder what it’s like for you. What is it like to watch your creation butcher one another? What’s it like when one of your loved ones breaks your holy law? I can’t imagine the pain we inflict on the God of the universe. We consider so flippantly that you sit up there so far away, safe from the pain of this troubled creation. But you know it all too well. You hurt with us, and you shed your own tears of grief. Your Son’s blood flowed on this cursed ground. The ultimate expression of your love. We certainly aren’t God, and by no means do we know what it’s like.

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