When Christians Do Less Than the Best

What does God think when Christians don’t do their best work? When Christians hail a low quality piece of work as good just because it’s “Christian?” How does God feel when we do that? Time and time again I’ve seen products of the Christian subculture that are so far below par it’s humiliating. Yet they’re on the best seller list. Or someone’s standing up and praising this substandard piece of art–if you could call it that. I understand that God will use us despite our shortcomings. He doesn’t expect me to write a Mark Twain quality novel, and he’ll use what I write in spite of that. But that doesn’t mean I can write crap. And that doesn’t mean you should accept my crap and call it good. As Christians I firmly believe we’re called to the best that we can. And too often we fall far below that mark. The world should be impressed with what we have to offer. Jesus Christ deserves our very best. Anything less is like a hammer to the nails.

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