Thomas Crown Affair

The exciting lives of the rich and powerful. It’s the American dream, right? That’s what we’re all chasing to the ends of the earth, right? It must be because money is so satisfying, right? I watched a movie last night about a rich loner who has more money than anyone would know what to do with. On a whim he takes off to the Caribbean, he flies a glider in his spare time, and crashes a boat for the sheer fun of it. But still the stunning money-bags isn’t satisfied, and he decides to steal a $100,000,000 Monet–“It’s just a game, love.” The thrill of not-so-petty larceny isn’t enough either, and the game becomes capturing the beautiful insurance agent out to unravel the crime–and isn’t the insurance agent always beautiful? In the end, the movie becomes a question of masks, asking who we really are and who we can really trust. We all hide behind our masks and whimper, “I’m just fine.” But it’s all just a game for the rich–those too lost in life to really know what’s important.

Yeah, it was a good movie. And the ending is as soaked in Hollywood and as far from real life as you’d expect. It still makes for good entertainment, but nothing close to the truth. Walking away, what sticks with me the most is the complete dissatisfaction money brought and how in reality (aside from Hollywood’s sugar coating) there is only one thing that can truly bring satisfaction.

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