In the Blink of an Eye

It all happens so suddenly. Life as we know it fades away without warning and the shimmering glimpse of the life to come floods in, overwhelming our senses and overloading our minds. Shock, surprise, fear and joy all mix together at once as your body soars through the air. Like dropping on a rollercoaster your stomach falls behind and you can feel yourself soar into the air. The life that you knew doesn’t matter anymore. The responsibilities, the headaches, the mistakes, the sorrows. It’s all falling far below as you sail into this new world. Is this it? Is this really it? Is this really the end of the old life? Is this really the beginning of eternity? Your soul ascends to the light and you can’t help but wonder–but suddenly the light fades, your stomach returns, and you roll over. It’s 7:22 and the alarm will blare in eight minutes. The second time I’ve dreamed the return of Christ.

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