A Day in the City with my Girlfriend

A call on the phone and an unexpected surprise. You’re what? Okay, I answered, with no small hint of joy. And so a welcome break begins and chance to cast work aside for the day. We took in the sights and the sounds of the city, without the burden of making a buck on the streets. By the kindness of a stranger we viewed the masterpieces, saw the creations of those the world holds dear. But nothing impressed me more than sitting on the shore of Lake Michigan, looking out across the water, with you. It wasn’t even pretty water. There was no beach, it was just a concrete drop off. And the water was filled with boats–a virtual boat parking lot. Yet it still calmed my soul and eased my mind more than any of man’s million dollar works of art. The creation of God–the warm sunshine, the clear water–and you.

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