Noble Dreams and Noble Goals

Confusion pounds your skull and the heat makes your brain melt. My glasses fogged up when I walked out of the grocery store tonight.

What’s the difference between reality and your dreams? Reach to touch the sky and perhaps you will. Then again maybe you won’t. Reality grounds us all and forces us to concede. Compromise. Can you compromise your dreams? Can you compromise your goals? But is it really a compromise? As long as the message the still gets out, what’s the difference? Intellectual tug-o-war–and frankly, I’d like to sit this one out. Nobody ever wins.

Noble dreams and noble goals. Does what you do matter? Do the events of your life shape and impact people’s lives? Maybe not the way you earn your money, but your day to day actions. Do they change people’s outlook? Maybe you work on the assembly line and tightening screws can’t possibly change someone’s life. But do your very actions work for good? So often I have this twisted ideal that you have to do something so noble and earth shattering, something to make a difference in the world. Your very profession must do this, or somehow you’re second rate. But is that so true? If I don’t take that step with every minute of my life, in every inconspicuous action, then how can I expect to last in a profession where I’ll do that? If I don’t tell the kid on the bus about Jesus, then what makes me think I’ll tell the kid in Africa about Jesus? Of course that’s no reason not to go to Africa, but it boggles my mind sometimes. We can only get out of our comfort zone for so long. Can such a thing be a lifestyle? Is that even possible? I so want to find out. I so want to break these chains of apathy–but I can’t do it.

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