Parking Inconvenience

Lousy orange cones. I’d just gotten off work, the windows were rolled down, the perfect summer rock n’ roll song was blaring on the radio, and I was driving fast. I whip into the driveway and see the parking lot blocked off with orange cones. They decided to pave the parking lot this week. Thanks. So I have to park way off in the boondocks, and walk back to my dorm room.

Then the next time I leave, I have to walk all the way out to my truck. This is not going to be a fun week. Then as I walk along, I look up, and realize what a beautiful day it is. The sun is shining, it’s not that hot, and–there’s a rainbow, out of the middle of nowhere! It wasn’t even raining!

Yeah, hi Kevin. This is God. Remember me?

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