Dreams about Lightsabers

The other night I dreamed I fought in a lightsaber duel. And considering how extremely cool it was, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss. I think one of the coolest things about the Star Wars saga is the lightsabers. It’s one of several truly original things in Star Wars. Of course Star Wars is more than your average sci-fi flick, but if you compare them, most sci-fi flicks have space ships and lasers and big scary bad guys. But how many have laser swords? How cool is that? It can cut through anything. It can deflect laser blasts. It’s also cool because it’s nothing you can actually have.

As a kid, you always want to play with whatever your hero in the movie had. If he was a gun-slinging cowboy, you had to have your own six-shooter. If he had a huge sword, you had to have a sword. But with a lightsaber, you can’t find one. It doesn’t exist. But wouldn’t that be cool if they did? So as a kid, all you could do was use your imagination. I used a cardboard wrapping paper tube. I guess as a kid you always had to use your imagination–nobody would trust a kid with a real six-shooter. It just seems like the lightsaber is the ultimate use of the imagination. In my dream it was unreal, wielding this graceful sword of light. It would cut through anything. I was fighting Darth Maul and Anakin. Yeah, kind of a strange combination (or maybe not so strange if you think about it).

A few weeks ago I watched a kid run around a playground brandishing a lightsaber. It was one of those light up, sound effect toys. It was pretty cool. The only problem was none of the other kids were a match for him. They all had laser blasters. But what kind of a battle was that? The lightsaber could deflect the laser blasts. The kid with the lightsaber just had to chase the other kids down. Which proved to be their only escape–and it worked too.

I just love marveling in the imagination of it all. I was tempted to buy myself a lightsaber at the store the other day. I was there again today, but they were all out.

Speaking of dreams, what are you dreaming of? Where do you want to go? The message I heard in church this morning touched on our dreams. And the pastor said something very profound. If you follow God, “you’ll find that your dreams are not dreams at all–but very, very real,” (Darren Sloniger).

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