Just Saw Star Wars: Phantom Menace

As a proud member of the Star Wars generation, I just returned from seeing the new movie. Wow. I must say, it’s quite an experience to grow up with the original trilogy, play with all the toys, and now watch the phenomenon happen all over again. It’s way cool to see it happen and notice all the intricate little plot details. Lucas is a pretty keen guy. I’d love to write to no end about all the cool stuff I saw, but then I’d probably ruin the movie for you. So I’ll shut up. All I can say is stay in the theater until the credits are totally done rolling. There’s something cool at the end.

“You can’t stop the change.” Shmi (Anakin’s mother)

“Who would have thought that Darth Vader was Luke’s father!?” Homer Simpson

Oh yeah, I’m heading home now.

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