Spring and Love

Well, it’s officially spring. Today it was finally warm enough to don the shorts and have class outside. The two sure signs of spring.

“I still can’t believe you two,” he started. “I still have to do a double take when I see you guys together.”

So do I. So do I. Sometimes it’s strange how things work out. You just can’t explain it. The next thing you know you don’t want to let go. You find yourself looking back to catch one last glimpse before it’s time to go.

While sitting at my desk this morning in my pajamas, reading an e-mail, I heard a knock at the door. Annoyed, I stomped over to the door, grumbling about roommates who forget their keys. I opened the door to a bouquet of flowers. Not for me, but for one of my roommates. It was his girlfriend. She was standing there all dressed up with flowers in one hand and a plate of breakfast rolls for the townhouse in the other. “Fresh out of the oven,” she offered. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself, standing there in my pajamas, grumbling only moments before about flowers and food.

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