Do you see everything in black and white? Or do you see the world in full, vibrant color? Is every day the same for you? Waking up, going to school or work. The same old thing? Are you stuck in the rut of the way things are supposed to be? Well let me ask you, are thing really supposed to be any certain way? The story of your life doesn’t have to follow the template that everyone else follows. That’s why it’s a story, write it yourself!

Tonight I watched an amazing movie. It’s called Pleasantville. Hollywood doesn’t crank out many good movies. For probably the first time ever, I’ve wanted to own a movie. This film was so original, so intelligent, so phenomenal… I was impressed. It asked some interesting questions, and said some powerful things about life. It made me laugh too. Not only was it entertaining, but it was valuable. You can’t say that about many movies. For those conservatives out there, I will warn you that this movie is rated PG-13. They talk about sex. If your eyebrows are raising right now, you are the person who needs to watch this movie. Go on, I dare you.

Life is more than Camaro’s, game systems, and striving for pleasure. Life is vibrant. Life is wild. And life is free–or at least it can be. God has blessed us with an amazing world, and he has showered us with a very unconditional and very astounding love. Claim that love, be free, and really live.

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