Mission Control Taken Hostage

Wow, what an evening. Once again the events transpiring on my radio show are taking the stage on of my daily ponderings. Tonight on Mission Control we had a live hostage situation. I’m not making this up, and I’m not joking. Seriously. We were planning a semi-normal Mission Control (normal by Mission Control standards), giving away concert tickets and such. We were also planning to apologize to some people who didn’t get some of the free stuff we were passing out last week. My cohost, Josh, was going to go to an entire dorm that got overlooked, and one person’s room in particular in another dorm. We got through about half the show, and Josh was venturing to this one person’s room in another dorm, and things got weird. I was in the station, and Josh had called up from this person’s room. I put Josh on the air live, and he starts telling me how he’s walking in, and how the person (we’ll call him Bob) had pizza and food for him. Then he puts Bob on the phone, and everything goes nuts! People are screaming, the phone starts getting fuzzy, loud shouts are heard. I’m sitting there in the station trying to figure out what’s going on. We didn’t stage this, and we had no clue what was happening. Finally some order was restored and Josh was put back on the phone. He had been taken hostage by the Getsch 3rd floor boys and they were giving him a list of demands. It was nuts. The episode went on for half an hour, and involved a friend of ours being taken hostage as well, then I was taken hostage, a guest on our show Andy Fast was taken hostage, and finally we were all released in good fun.

It’s amazing where a radio show can take you. We couldn’t have staged a better stunt. It was so spectacular. We thought last week’s show was good. Wow. The drama, the suspense, the shear hilarity. It certainly is true that the listeners make the show. Josh and I have been having fun with Mission Control since the fall of ’97. We’ve always wanted to put on a fun show that people will enjoy. I think tonight we’ve taken that to a new level, and we didn’t even do it. Our listeners did. What more can you ask for? It’s a good thing we have three weeks off before our next show, we’ll never be able to top this. Of course, that’s what I said last week.

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