Tomorrow is Another Day

Is American society really the way to go? 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, married and living with all sorts of possessions, wondering who really owns who. You have your kids and shove them off to the public school where by the age of 5 their creativity is squashed when their classmates laugh at their drawing of an elephant. By middle school they’re insecure and lonely, and in ten years will be joining the 8/40 work force and starting a family of their own. The unbroken cycle. Is this the way it’s supposed to be? Can’t there be a better way?

So you’re walking through the mall with people passing on every side. In a half an hour literally hundreds of people will have walked by. Have you ever considered sharing the gospel with them? Sharing the gospel with total strangers? Yeah I know, you’re feeling shocked right now. Who would do that? Why would you do that? Every time I hear someone talk about some kind of street evangelism where they witness to total strangers I get the feeling that they’re nuts. But you know what, people thought Jesus was nuts. Why not just go up to a stranger and talk to them, what do you have to lose? If they blow you off, that’s their problem. If they sit down and listen to you, it could make a difference in someone’s eternity. If you don’t do anything, well than that’s your problem. Sometimes I wonder if these methods of evangelism aren’t totally crazy. And don’t tell me it’s not for you.

So many issues to deal with in one day. I could spend weeks on any one. And then the more pressing issues come to mind, and it all fades away. I see the pictures staring back at me. I know the date, an all too familiar one. The uncertainty eats away at you, and all you can do is wonder. Maybe I need to take another walk. Maybe I just need to go to bed and hope it all fades away. Tomorrow is another day.

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