Snow Day

Holy Snow! 16 inches of that lovely white stuff poured down on the Twin Cities yesterday and today. As a result, Bethel canceled all classes today. SNOW DAY! Wow, haven’t had one of those in a while. You’ve never seen such a happy bunch of people as a college during a snow day. Almost everyone was outside playing in the snow. Snowballs were flying, snow sculptures were being made (I would say snowmen, but there’s a large green turtle outside my window), students were flying down snowy hills on cafeteria trays, and others were jumping buried picnic tables on snowboards. Ah, children frolicking in the snow. I too helped make a snowman today, a Calvin & Hobbes style snowman. It was lying on its back with a tree coming up through its middle. A high class piece of art, if I do say so myself.

In lieu of the snow, all intellectual thought has been canceled today.

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