Prayer is a Conversation with a Friend

High above a nearly full moon lights up the night sky, a round white ball in the middle of the emptiness. As I stand there and wait, things begin to slow down and I can actually see. My eyes watch as the gray puffs of clouds roll across the black tapestry. Frowning, I see that they’re about to block my view of the moon. But as they slowly move past, the glowing orb isn’t lost in a cloudy haze. It shines on, despite the foggy covering. It glows just as brightly as it did before. I look again, thinking my eyes deceive me and that the moon is below the clouds. But the clouds are passing in front of the moon, and its silvery glow is shining through as if the clouds weren’t even there.

Puzzled by the celestial view, I look back to the lake. An echoing cracking sound shatters the stillness. Startled, I look around, expecting to see someone walking up behind me. But the path is empty. I am alone. As quickly as the sound came it is gone. It’s quiet again. Moments later I hear the sound again, this time far off to my right. It’s the sound of the ice shifting and cracking. Out of the quiet there comes a loud cracking, as if the earth were heaving and caving in. I hear it again, although this time the sound starts behind me and finishes way out in the middle of the lake. The sound echoed off a wall of trees.

How easily fooled we are when we think we’re in control. Not everything is as we expect it to be. Yet the light shines through, no matter what clouds may come.

The above is a few random thoughts I penned this morning about the walk I took last night. You can decide how foolish it is or not, but I put it in the Table Tent. We’ll see if I can stump a few people. You know, sometimes prayer is simply a conversation with a good friend. Something is really bothering you and you sit down with a good friend to talk. But you don’t end up talking. You just kind of sit there. I think sometimes prayer can be that way. You just sit there knowing you are in the presence of God. He’s there for you, he has his arm around you. You don’t have to pour your heart out to him because he already knows. You just sit in silence together. And every once in a while he’ll speak a word or two, or just put his arm around you. But he’s there for you, just like a good friend. Even when you’re alone on a cold, cold night.

“I didn’t even know who God was, / Until He told me He’s my Dad

“And it’s just because He loved me / And He’d rather die than live without me / He loved me and He’d rather go through hell / than go to heaven without me / And I love Him and I’ll stay with Him until the end of time / One thing I know God gave his life for mine / He will always be, will always be / He will always be there

“Who am I that You would know my name? / Who am I that You’d help me win this losing game? / Who am I that You’d stay all day by my side?

“He will always be, will always be / He will always be there” (“He Will Always Be There” by the Supertones)

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