The Uniqueness of Humanity

In my Christian Theology class, we’ve been studying a lot of worldviews and that kind of thing. It’s always seemed strange to me that someone would suggest there is no divine creator behind this world. If you look around, things seem so well ordered that it couldn’t have just happened by chance. If you look at humans, it seems so much more obvious. We humans are pretty unique. For example:

  • Only humans are designed to walk on two legs, and have both hands and feet.
  • Only humans have faces which vary so greatly in appearance that we can identify one another by looking at our faces.
  • Only humans can blush, showing embarrassment.
  • Only humans make love face to face. (I find that rather significant)
  • Only humans have a brain with a speech center. (A Faith For All Seasons by Ted M. Dorman, page125)

I don’t understand how anyone could say all that happened without some kind of divine creator. It makes even more sense to say that divine creator has to have some sort of personal interest in its creation. Everything just seems designed this way.

I’ll admit that at times this concept of God seems very distant to me, but at the same time, it makes so much sense. I can’t accept that the complexity of human life is the result of a crap shoot or an impersonal, unloving god.

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