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Pondering Ponderings

You know, some days you try and force yourself to find an issue to discuss, and it just doesn’t get you anywhere. You would have been better off with a few short, rambling sentences. Oh well, that’s what you get with ponderings. You ponder the issue and see where it takes you. I never promised these would be good, I just said they’d hopefully make you think a little bit. Just a little bit.

Excuses, Dinty Moore and Henry Ford

A quick word on the updating of these ponderings: I don’t have daily internet access, so these will probably not be updated everyday. But I will do my best to still write them everyday and update them when I can. You may have noticed some problems today, but hopefully those have all been corrected. Sorry for the inconveniences. Let me know if you notice any problems with the page.

On tonight’s menu, Dinty Moore Beef Stew! And I didn’t ruin it. He’s just a regular Chef Boyardee. (that’ll be tomorrow’s supper)

So many ideas, so many possibilities, so many things to accomplish. I have all these ideas brimming in my head. I wonder where they could go. Henry Ford once said, “You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do,” (from the wall in ReAL Media Group’s office). I wonder what ideas will come to fruition, and which will be cast aside, never to be.

Doing Nothing Means Dumb Blogging

You know what? I’ve determined that sitting at home and doing nothing is not very conducive to pondering. But don’t worry, tomorrow I pack up to head to Chicago, and starting Saturday I won’t be sitting around anymore. And that’s a good thing, cuz my brain is just not up to par right now. We all could use a break sometimes, but too much of a break doesn’t do any good.

More intelligent ponderings, coming soon!

Write Even When You Don’t Want To

The other day I was reading some more in Madeleine L’Engle’s Walking on Water, (one of these days I’ll actually finish it) and she was talking about the writing process. She said that sometimes you just have to write no matter how you feel. Whether you’re inspired to or not. Because if you don’t write because you don’t feel like it, you won’t accomplish much. It’s a lot like prayer. You have to go ahead and pray whether you feel like it or not.

I found that really encouraging, mainly because I’ve seen the truth of it. Look at these ponderings. I started this back in December, and I’m still going strong. It’s not that I want a pat on the back or anything, I’m just marveling at how much I’ve written, whether I wanted to or not. Some days you don’t know what to write, and you just have to sit down and do it. The volumes of ponderings (all archived for your convenience) are proof of what happens when you write no matter how you feel. Some days it turned out pretty crappy. But I like to think that some days I touched upon something.

I find this encouraging as a writer. Even tonight, I didn’t really know what to say when I sat down. But something comes out, and that’s what it’s about.

Blogging and Racism

Whew. Nothing like losing your voice while singing praise to God.

I learned something about this Daily Ponderings deal today. People will remember what I write and hold me accountable for it. I guess that’s a good thing, but it’s kind of a slap in the face at first. But if you think about it, it’s really me slapping myself in the face.

So, on a totally unrelated tangent, I have an 8:15 final tomorrow, and I’m going to bed. So I leave you with a totally unconnected and thought provoking quote:

“When you look at me, you don’t see a man. You see a black man.” – Carl Lee Haley, A Time To Kill.

When I think about that, I realize that the only hope is in the line of a Rich Mullins song:

“My Deliverer is coming…

In the Beginnning

So I’ve decided to cement my daily thoughts in immortal type, and plaster them here on the world wide web for all to read. What kind of an idiot am I? One with hopeful ambitions, I guess. So why am I doing this? I’m glad you asked. The main reason is because I call myself a writer, and writers are supposed to write. I like to journal, but it’s hard to do that every day. This is kind of a sneaky way to force myself to write everyday. Knowing that, I think it’s also a good way to realize that not all my writing is going to be good writing. Sometimes I get that lofty idea in my head.

So what’s in it for you? Well, I hope you thoroughly enjoy reading what I have to say. But I know I’m not that special. I’m just hoping that at times my jumbled mess of thoughts will make sense to someone, and make them think. Maybe you’ll scratch your head at an interesting idea, maybe you’ll have to write something down. Maybe you’ll step away from your computer screen a changed person. Maybe you’ll see that there’s a little more to this life. Or maybe you’ll just laugh and shake your head. I guess we just have to wait and see.

So here we go. Thanks for joining me on what could be a wild ride.