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Pondering the Interweb

Information overload. Like bugs swarming around the porch light at night. A feeding frenzy of information so intense that it’s hard to glean anything. The internet. In the past few years it’s grown by leaps and bounds–or maybe twitches and spasms would be a better description, violent and sudden. The internet is unlike any media man has dealt with before. Text, information, sound, video, animation, feedback, instant gratification, chats, online everything and anything with “e” for a prefix, from e-mail to e-commerce. But how can we effectively harness this new power? Some companies have succeeded tremendously, earning millions in months. Others have disappeared into cyberspace, lost in the web.

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Hamster Dance

It’s time for stupid web site of the year! Have you ever wondered what dancing hamsters would look like? Check this out:

You know, some days I just don’t have anything to say. I tried rambling on and on, but I decided it just wasn’t worth it. You have better things to do. Come back tomorrow when I have something more important to say.

The Internet is Big

You know, the Internet is really big. I wonder how anyone can actually find this page and daily read what I have to say. Is it really that interesting? Why don’t you go read a book? You’d think some of us would have better things to do. But I guess not. I suppose having people find this and read it isn’t the main reason this page exists. It exists so I’ll write. Which I guess I’m forcing myself to do right now, in a really lame way. Now for something with a little more brain power…