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It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Ear

A Calcutta policeman lost an ear during an encounter with a menacing monkey last week. Rathin Thakur noticed a number of monkeys on rooftops and trees while walking to work. Not having seen monkeys in his neighborhood before, Thakur gestured to the monkeys. One of them jumped down playfully, but then stole Thakur’s glasses. While trying to reclaim his glasses, the monkey jumped on to Thakur’s shoulder and became violent, biting off his left ear. Neighbors helped Thakur to the hospital where he underwent reconstructive surgery. Even though they ride around on unicycles and wear funny little hats, monkeys can be quite dangerous when agitated.

“It’s Me or the Monkey.”

The marriage of German pop star Werner Boehm is in shambles after he moved a monkey into his home. The 10-year-old female baboon can reportedly play the piano and appeared in one of Boehm’s videos. His wife, Susanne, moved out after he allowed the monkey to share their bed. She made him choose between the monkey or her, and he chose the monkey. “It’s incredibly painful to know that some baboon is more important to him than I am,” she said. It’s all part of an important lesson — never underestimate a monkey.

Risky But Ingenious Ventures

Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year, and the Year of the Monkey, according to Chinese tradition. Predictions for the Year of the Monkey include “success even in impossible ventures,” “inventions and improvisations galore,” and even if we don’t try “we will be carried forward by the surging tide of the Monkey’s natural talent for learning and advancement.” Tradition also says the Monkey will “urge us to gamble, speculate and embark on risky but ingenious ventures.” It’s interesting to note that the American Revolution began in 1776, the year of the Fire Monkey.