DVD Has Changed How I Watch TV

My TV viewing habits have completely changed with the advent of DVD. I’ve never watched a lot of TV. In the past there were a handful of shows I’d actually make a point to watch, either going out of my way to be at home at the specified day and time, or I’d actually program the VCR (Joan of Arcadia on Friday night? Seriously, no wonder it only lasted two seasons).

But I can probably list those shows on one hand: The Tick (I used to tape it when it was on Saturday mornings), The Simpsons, Freaks and Geeks, Everwood (a shortlived addiction), Joan of Arcadia.

However, since DVDs have come out you don’t have to watch TV shows at a specified day and time, you don’t have to wait for each new episode to come out, and you don’t have to watch commercials. I love it.

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Taking My Daughter Voting

Say I took my daughter voting today. Some might think that sounds similar to but not as cool as taking your daughter boating, but I disagree. I think it’s important to instill the value of voting. I’m a firm believer in the idea that if you don’t vote, you have no right to gripe and complain about who’s in office. Recent presidential elections have proven that every vote matters and especially in Minnesota history has proven that third party candidates are viable options.

Of course it’s only the primary in a non-presidential election year, so it’s not worth getting that excited about. But it’s still cool.

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Al Franken vs. Bob Jones University

I don’t really care for Al Franken. I don’t really care for Bob Jones University either. But somehow the pairing is pretty funny.

Al Franken took a “prospective student” to Bob Jones for the whole tour, complete with awkward questions about how students can’t leave campus unless they’re going home or on a mission and how students can’t listen to rock music (not even Christian rock?!). It makes me chuckle.

What’s especially funny is that Al Franken didn’t think a disguise would be a good idea and that Bob Jones was as slow on the uptake as they were. You’d think they’d get jokers like that fairly often.

And anytime you talk about Bob Jones, a trip to their web site is in order.

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