The Dilemma of Christian Cable TV

A la carte cable may be coming to a screen near you. Just like iTunes where you can pick and choose your favorite singles, you’ll be able to pick and choose your favorite TV channels. You could ditch MTV in favor of a channel that actually plays music. You could sign up for nothing but sports channels, or ditch ESPN altogether and go for a trio of educational channels, like Discovery, Animal Planet and the History Channel.

Some family advocates applaud the idea, pointing out that families can drop Comedy Central to filter out South Park or MTV to protect their children from all that bumping and grinding.

But not everyone is so happy.

“Adopt higher decency standards,” says Jerry Falwell, “But protect the ability of cable and satellite broadcasters to share the message of God’s love with as large an audience as possible.”

The fear among Christian broadcasters is that paying per channel would mean plummeting audiences for Christian networks like the Trinity Broadcast Network or the Christian Broadcast Network.

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Old MacDonald

Old MacDonald on Vimeo

This was Lexi at church today. You gotta love the annoying musical baby toys.

Today was Father’s Day and I was having some fun with videos. Unfortunately I can’t upload them all at once, so you’ll just have to wait.

My first Father’s Day. It’s kind of wild having Father’s Day and my birthday so close together. So overwhelming. So much pampering and getting to pick my favorite foods. Not that I’m complaining.

I’m Not Good at Everything

I like to write. I think I’m fairly good at it (or at least people willing to pay me think I’m good enough at it to keep on paying me). I like to blog. I seem decent enough at that. I like to play around with the code on my blog, but I’m only good enough to be dangerous. I like to design and create, but I know I spend more time mucking than actually making. I like the idea of public speaking, of sharing my ideas with a group of people, but I suck at it.

As I get more and more into the professional world it seems like everybody has to be good at everything. But at the same time everybody knows how stupid that is. The number one piece of advice a small business owner will hear is to hire professionals to do the things you aren’t good at. Lawyers, accountants, graphic designers, techies, writers, etc. Let a professional do it so you can get back to what you’re good at.

But then every writer or marketing wonk has to be an excellent public speaker. Every blogger thinks they can be a podcaster, or worse, a vlogger. Every pastor has to be a best-selling author. You end up with a lot of mediocre.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t experiment and try new things. I just don’t understand why everyone expects you to be good at everything. Just because you have the opportunity and the platform to do something, doesn’t mean you should.