More Yaconelli

There’s Yaconelli tribute stuff all over the web (in case you missed my earlier post, Mike Yaconelli died last week), so if you have any interest you should check some of it.

My favorite piece is an interview from 1996 (PDF file) that appeared in Kamikaze (re-posted on Yaconelli makes a few choice comments about the future of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Franklin Graham taking over. I relish those kind of jabs at my former employer, which probably isn’t too healthy. I sense unresolved bitterness.

Other interesting links include all the stuff over at Youth Specialties (including Mike’s last public message and a number of his articles) and an interview from Relevant.

That’s so 1999

Interesting article on dead Web sites. Kind of makes me wonder how many woefully un-updated web sites are out there that I’m supposed to be updating.

I’ve been adding my archives to this new system, and I’m realizing how much of my blogging gets woefully out of date. Six months later and half the links don’t work.

Kind of makes you wonder what’s the point to commenting on news like this.


Why are we so messed up when it comes to sex? You can’t get a straight answer out of anyone. A teen in Florida was suspended for wearing a condom-covered costume on Halloween. She was trying to make a statement about safe sex.

What I don’t understand is why we can’t just go one way or the other on sex. There are two ways to go: 1) Either safe sex is important and we’re going to talk about it and be open and make sure teens who want to have sex can get condoms; or 2) Talking so openly about sex is potentially offensive and encourages at-risk behavior so we’re not going to talk about it, period.

But instead we just get jerked around. People flip out when you pass out condoms, yet that’s what you do in sex ed. Is consistency too much to ask?