It’s a Boy!

We got the call today. We’re adopting a baby boy from Ethiopia!

He’s five weeks old, weighs about six pounds and is incredibly cute. Woo!

A flurry of activity begins now, but the major next step is the court date when we receive guardianship. That gets us a birth certificate, which means a visa, and then we can travel. They estimate roughly two to four months from referral to travel, so hopefully we’ll bring him home early next year.

We’re pretty excited right now and flying high. This finally means some answers have slid into place, but it only opens up a whole slew of new questions and challenges. We’re happy to answer questions, but we also have to be careful to protect our child’s privacy and his story. We can’t share his picture yet (don’t worry, as soon as we can, we will!) and we won’t be sharing details about his story (his family, his background, the circumstances of his birth and placement for adoption). That’s his story to share if and when he’s ready to do so.

Big thanks to everyone who has helped us out along the way. We’re not there yet, but we’re so much closer!

4 thoughts on “It’s a Boy!”

  1. Huge congratulations to you. Adoption is big for my family, as my wife’s parents adopted a girl from China a few years ago. Very excited for you!

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