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Nick Challies playing with a child in the Dominican RepublicIn February the child sponsorship organization Compassion International sent a team of bloggers to Uganda. They’re doing it again this week, sending a team to the Dominican Republic. This trip doesn’t seem to be getting as much attention, but the stories are just as powerful. My favorite is reading 8-year-old Nick Challies’ blog and reading about two sisters meeting the kids they sponsor:

“My sponsored child, Rosemary, is so nice. We had so much fun and we swung on the swings together. I asked her lots of questions: Her favorite color is pink, and she is nine years old … just like me!”

I don’t know why, but the comment that ‘she’s nine years old just like me’ made me cry. There’s something about seeing well-off children connecting with poverty-stricken children around the world that touches my heart. I guess it’s because in those simple interactions children see that we’re all the same and understand how insane it is that people die from simple things like hunger, lack of clean water or preventable disease. Once that reality sinks in, those well-off children begin to understand their responsibility in the world (To quote Spider-Man: With great power comes great responsibility).

So read their stories, watch their videos and check out their pictures. It truly captures the power of story. And consider sponsoring a child. As Shaun Groves reminds us, “We, the Church planted around the globe, can participate in a revolution of mercy that brings hope to the hopeless. And that reminds me of a speech I heard late last night. … Yes we can!”

(Speaking of Shaun Groves, he gave away a free song to celebrate Election Day: Kingdom Coming. Totally free, don’t even have to give your e-mail address. Go democracy.)

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  1. Thank you sir. Very much. For linking to just about everything I’ve got going on in my life right now.

    It was a smaller group this time around. Still, a few hundred kids were sponsored and, if the last trip is any indication, that number will steadily grow over the coming months.

    I’ll keep you posted about the next trip we take and actually return your e-mails tis time too. So sorry. I’m new to having a real job and I’m afraid a few things fell through the cracks. My fault entirely.

    Talk to you soon. Thanks again for your support.

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