Country First?

Country FirstI’m watching coverage of the Republican National Convention tonight (and making snide Twitter comments, like I did during the DNC as well, trying to be non-partisan) and noticing lots of signs that say “Country First.” It’s the theme of the evening.

And I’m confused. I don’t put country first in my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my country. I experienced the incredible freedom we have here yesterday, freedom you won’t find in China. That’s amazing. I’m thankful and grateful for it.

But I don’t put country first. Is that so wrong?

I put my faith and my family and my principles before my country. Is that so wrong?

Country first? That kind of blind nationalism scares me.

And if by “Country First” you mean the people of this country, I have no problem putting others before myself. But those ‘others’ involve humanity at large, not just Americans.

Country first? I’m not comfortable with that.

4 thoughts on “Country First?”

  1. The signs are not meant as “blind nationalism.” They are meant to represent what McCain stands for, which was also repeated in the speeches. It’s a statement that McCain will put his country first, not his party, his own agenda, special interests, etc. I seriously doubt that it has anything to do with the “country first” ideology of Cuba, China, or Venezuela, where you literally have to put your own interests last.

  2. Well…McCain has a record of voting against his party, and working with Democrats on legislation. You can’t say the same for Obama. That’s a pretty good example right there of “country first.”

  3. But who’s to say that’s country first? John McCain and anybody who agrees with him. I think this is just a way of patriotising someone’s opinion and by extension making others and their views seem less patriotic.

    If you want to say John McCain has character, stands up for what he believes in and will work across aisles, great. I agree with you (except for that part where he votes with Bush 90% of the time [and yes Obama has voted Democrat 97% of the time]). But I don’t believe that means he’s country first and Obama isn’t.

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