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Kindergarten Hero & Tuxedos on Mission Control

And now, more adventures from your favorite kindergarten hero, Kevin D. Hendricks. Today he read the thrilling account of one Miss Ridinghood and her encounter with a flesh eating wolf to groups of squirming children. And he read the story not once, but four straight times! He also comforted crying kids, banished a misbehaver to the corner, and amazed many a five-year-old with his rubber ball-kicking ability. (cue superhero music)

Today also brought a record breaking night for Mission Control. With only six hours of lead time Mission Control produced an extremely successful poster and e-mail campaign. The radio station is having a free stuff week (which is the norm for Mission Control), and my show was given the honor of giving away a free tuxedo rental. That’s a prize you just have to plug. Who wouldn’t want a tuxedo? Heck, even if you don’t have a date, it’ll extend your laundry window, or be a nice pick-me-up in the middle of the week (everyone smiles at people who dress up, trust me, we did it tonight for the show). Anyway, the last minute campaign worked extremely well. I was especially proud of the simple yet effective flyer I designed in under twenty minutes.

While I’m plugging my own radio show, we also added sound clips of the infamous Hostage Takeover to our web page. It’s a multimedia event! You can listen to the abduction and read the ransom note at the same time. What a deal. Check it out at: http://listen.to/missioncontrol (follow the link to the hostage clips).