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Keeping Busy

After a waist-tightening January, Monkey Outta Nowhere scored two monthly contracts for the rest of 2005. We’ll be continuing our work with the L.A.-based Personality and Center for Church Communication (formerly b-moore, Inc.), and also helping the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel with a number of major web projects in 2005.

It’s always encouraging when something like this comes through and I realize I can stop watching for “help wanted” signs.

Skinny Tie Day

Skinny Tie Day. Why? Why not?The Monkey Outta Nowhere world headquarters in St. Paul, Minn. had skinny tie day today. All employees were encouraged to wear a skinny tie in an effort to boost company-wide morale.

The gimmick proved to be popular with most employees and could see a return. It’s not clear if skinny tie day will spread to other businesses, but prospects are good.

Monkey Wrote a Novel

National Novel Writing Month WinnerIt’s with great honor and a bit of pride that congratulate our very own Head Monkey, Kevin D. Hendricks, for writing a novel. Kevin tackled the 50,000-word novel last month as part of National Novel Writing Month, joining almost 6,000 other winners from around the world.

Kevin managed to complete his first novel in a mere 20 days, thanks to an outpouring of support and lots of caffiene. He’s currently copyediting the novel for a quick and dirty self-publishing run (available soon from Cafepress), and plans to pursue a more thorough edit and possible publication in the future. For now the unedited version of the novel is available online.

Pardon Our Dust

If the site looks a bit askew today, it’s probably because it is. Monkey Outta Nowhere upgraded to Movable Type 3.1 and the dust is still settling. We hope to have it up and running by the end of the day.

UPDATE: So we’re not there yet. We’re working on it and we’re making progress. This is what Labor Day weekend is for, right?

UPDATE: Well, it took all of Labor Day weekend, but we finally made it. The new and improved blog is up and running. Let us know if you run into a snag or find something that looks goofy, but we should be good to go.

Monkey Outta Nowhere Makes the Switch

Monkey Outta Nowhere switches to Mac.After years fighting the dreaded blue screen of death and obscure .dll errors, Monkey Outta Nowhere has made the switch to Apple Computers. Dumping the PC was an easy choice for the creative-minded company.

“Now that I’ve used a Mac, I won’t go back,” says CEO/Mail Clerk Kevin D. Hendricks. “But I promise not to be one of those psycho Mac fanatics — I’ll keep my proselytizing to a minimum.”