137 Books in One Year: How to Fall in Love With Reading

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A practical guide to reading a lot.

Author Kevin D. Hendricks read 137 books in 2012 without giving up TV, a day job or becoming completely antisocial. He shares what worked for him, including carrying a book everywhere, reclaiming idle moments and not being ashamed of genre.

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Reviews & Reactions:

“This book made me love reading again.” -Dolores M. Lynn

“Just what I needed to read to get myself excited about reading again” -Shelley Leiphart

“This is a book to read if you want to find the joy of reading again.” -Bookwi.se

“An easy-to-read, inviting, smart guide to getting into the groove of reading.” -Meredith Gould

“Hendricks doesn’t come off as ‘readier-than-thou.’ Rather, he shares a few tips he learned along the way to devouring 137 books.” -Blake

“Tips and motivation to help you more richly enjoy the fun of reading.” -Chuck Scoggins

“Reading had become a chore… But that is changing. Kevin’s book was a quick and easy read that encouraged me to read books that I actually enjoy.” -Adam Legg

“If you’re itching to read more or need a swift kick start—give 137 Books in One Year a read. You’ll be glad you did.” -Jonathan Blundell

“Revamp your reading strategy with 137 Books in One Year.” -Kindie Books

“He loves to read and this just oozes out of every sentence in this book.” -Thomas Mathie

“Just started Kevin Hendricks’ new book on how to read 137 books in one year and already have a book to read.” -Sam Mahlstadt

“I also LOVED his tone in the book, it’s like we were sitting in my living room talking. So good.” -Michael Buckingham

“137 Books has renewed my excitement for reading. I’m ready to read up a storm again! I’d recommend this book for any reader. Even if you’re already making use of most of his pointers, Hendricks’ enthusiasm alone will rejuvenate your love for reading.” -Lee

“If you have not experienced the joy of daily reading, this book will inspire and motivate you to get started.” -Janette Fuller

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Other Reactions:
There are the blurbs and quotes that probably won’t make the back cover, but I still enjoyed them.

“I think I would like the author a fair amount if I met him, but his overall tone was a slightly too brashly Twitter-esque.” -Bethany
(I’ll take that as a compliment.)

“Although I found him very self absorbed he did have some great ideas.” -L.I. Linda
(Um… thanks?)

“This cute little book is an easy read.” -Beth


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