Odds and Ends

April 15th, 2009

I need to blog and I’ve got a lot of things I want to blog about but not much to say about each topic so let’s just cram them all into one post, shall we? Great.

  1. Milo goes to the audiologist tomorrow. Or maybe it’s the opthomologist. I don’t remember which. But he’s got appointments at both. Nothing serious just the routine stuff they do for infants who are born in the States. Mostly to get a baseline incase things come up later.
  2. Milo had giardia. It’s a gross little parasite that comes from drinking contaminated water or poor sanitation. Luckily in the States we have meds that can treat it but unfortunately the meds taste horrid and give the patient stomach cramps so he gets really pissed when we give him the meds three times a day.
  3. I go back to work on Monday. I’m looking forward to being back at work because I miss the routine and just being at work but I’ve heard (and seen) that my class has been less than stellar so Monday probably won’t be a super-happy-yeah-ms. abby’s-back kind of day. It’s going to be more of a oh-crap-we’re-in-so-much-trouble-we’re-lucky-if-we-even-hear-the-word-recess-again kind of day.
  4. School is out May 29. Which means there are only 29 days left of school. And one of those days is the end of the year field trip. One is the student coucil field trip. One is the class picnic. One is 8th grade graduation and one is kindergarten graduation. So it’s only 24 days left of teaching. But who’s counting?
  5. I’m working on a sweater for a friend’s baby. It’s almost done and I am really liking the yarn. I think I may have to make Lexi a sweater out of the same stuff.
  6. We met with our social worker today for our first post-placement report. And surprise, surprise there’s more paperwork.
  7. Yesterday I took both kids, by myself, to a friend’s house. It felt very grown-up to be dealing with a toddler and an infant and not losing my cool – even when the toddler pooped in her pants twice and the infant started scream while I was cleaning up the toddler.
  8. I’m really tired. My bedtime has officially moved from sometime around 11 to 9:15. Which means I’m up way past my bedtime.
  9. It’s spring. Windows can be open. Sun is shining and I can wear sandals again.

We’re in Ethiopia

March 19th, 2009

We are in Ethiopia. I won’t be updating my blog but Kevin will be twittering (as technology allows) and he’ll be updating his blog.

I promise – I’ll have updates on my blog as soon as we are back home.

But until then, I’ll just leave you with a few very cute pictures:
Happy baby.First Pics of Milo
Lexi and Milo at about 6 weeks old.
Hippie ChickPlaying with a Nanny
Lexi and Milo at about 5 months.

Cute kids, huh?

The post in which I whine and complain…

March 6th, 2009

That’s a warning for you. If you don’t want to hear about my crappy week then just stop reading.

Let’s complain with bullet points, shall we?

  • My class sucks. Yeah, I know teachers aren’t supposed to say their class sucks but guess what? This week and last week sucked. I have yelled more in the last 2 weeks than I have ever yelled in my whole teaching career. I hate yelling at my kids. Hate it, hate it, hate it.¬† But every single other approach I have for dealing with kids who refuse to listen or follow the rules is not working. Apparently the entire class has chucked their brains at the door and have gone with the approach of just pummeling each other for the most ridiculous of reasons. The swearing and obnoxious words have multiplied exponentially, in both English and Somali (want to know how to say poop, butt or fart in Somali?) and are being shouted out at any given time during class. They declare that they want to go to the office, they like making bad choices and missing fun activities like learning labs or choice time is “fun”. And then when they get sent to the office or miss out on fun activities they are pissed at ME for not letting them do anything fun. Seven working days left and I am on a plane to Ethiopia.
  • Milo is sick. Yes, my little boy has some type of intestinal bug, lost a bunch of weight and is now on round two of antibiotics. And he’s on another continent and there’s nothing I can do. I did talk to several other parents whose kids had the same thing while in the care center and it sounds like he’ll be fine but still…my baby is sick and a million miles away.
  • Lexi is sick. We went out to eat tonight and she started complaining she was tired and wanted to go home. When she started trying to sleep at the restaurant we decided to get our food to go and head home. About 1 minute into the drive home she puked. Blech.
  • Family drama is thrown into the whole mix.
  • Good friends in a country they may need to be evacuated from.
  • Other good friends going through rough times.
  • Oh and work drama is being taken up several notches.

I think that’s it. Next week is going to be stress-free. No drama, no bad news, no sick kids. If you have anything you’d like to tell me or you’d like me to worry about you need to speak up before Sunday because on Monday I’m not listening.

A couple of Lexi-isms

February 22nd, 2009

Lexi has a bunch of words that she uses in place of other words and doesn’t really understand why we correct her because she thinks she saying them the correct way.

Some of my favorites are

Rice-er-on-er-us: Rhinocerous

Pah-neen-nah: Hyeena

Speak Whale: Whale

Gorilla Bar: Granola Bar


The Over: The end credits

A Few Fun Updates

February 2nd, 2009
  • Lexi got bunkbeds this weekend. Which means bedtime and naptime is a big decision: Sleep on the top bunk or the bottom bunk? Decisions, Decisions.
  • For her birthday, Lexi got a year pass to the Minnesota Children’s Museum (thanks Mimi and Papa). A pass lets our whole family in for free. Score.
  • Our court date is 18 days away. Honestly, I’m trying not to count the days – someone else pointed it out to me today. I’m also not trying to get my hopes up because, as with everything in international adoption, it’s totally unpredictable and we may not pass court the first time.
  • I was elected to the vestry at church.
  • Lexi’s decided that potty training is now worth her time.

Lexi’s Haircut.

January 3rd, 2009

Lexi got a hair cut yesterday. There was much crying and protesting but after about 5 minutes we discovered the fit wasn’t about her hair being cut it was about the movie that was being shown during the hair cut.

I’m really liking this style. Since she won’t let us do braids or ponytails or even put barrettes in it, this is working out perfectly.

Lexi Pre-Haircut Lexi Pre-Haircut

And After (they took off about 9 inches):
Lexi Post-Haircut Lexi Post-Haircut
Lexi Post-Haircut Lexi Post-Haircut

Oh, we also got the game Blokus for Christmas. Lexi put all the pieces in tetris style. She was pretty proud that she did this completely on her own.
Playing Blokus

The Quotable Lexi

December 30th, 2008

A list of things Lexi says or strange names she has come up with for everyday things:

1. Chicken Chips – Pringles
2. And I quote, “It’s a predicament. A predicament is a problem.” (Way to go Sesame Street)
3. Gorilla Bar – Granola Bar
4. Lay over – Roll over
5. “It’s the over part.” – End credits to a T.V. show or movie
6. A cup of drink – A drink of water
7. “My arm is broken” – Her arm fell asleep
8. “Whatever.” – She channels an exasperated, middle-school girl for this statement. It usually comes complete with sighs and eye-rolls.

A cute little dress

December 14th, 2008

I made a dress for Lexi tonight – unfortunately, Lexi doesn’t like to wear anything I make. Okay, she doesn’t like to wear clothes in general but I pretty much everything I make for her she says “ooh, cute.” And then if I ask if she’ll wear them, it’s always “uh, no.” Good thing I’m bigger than her and can make her wear them.

So anyway, here’s tonights project. It’s a pattern I got from my sister-in-law, Limor and it takes about 45 minutes to cut and sew one. They can be reversible but I didn’t have enough material for that so I used corduroy and lined it with black. I also add lace to the top and hemline.

Dress FrontDress Back

Adoption, Knitting, Lexi, Kilts, and the Potty Chair

December 11th, 2008

1. The potty chair. Lexi actually used the toilet today. And, according to her, received one green chocolate for her accomplishment. About 2 weeks ago I laid down the plan with her: When she turns 3 she will be wearing underwear. No more pull-ups. And surprisingly, she agreed because she wants to play in the ball pit at IKEA, which you can only play in if you are potty-trained.

2. Kilts. The kilts are finished. I hope. Libby and I each finished on on Tuesday. Wednesday I worked furiously on a second one while Libby did the same. Mine was about 90% done when I left it with her. Hers was about the same. Today she and her family took all the kilts and drove down to meet the wedding for the dress rehersal. I hope she was able to finish them up. The wedding is tomorrow so either they are done or the groom goes naked. I’ll post pictures of the finished product later.

3. Lexi. Lexi has been running around with a flashlight and pointing it at people saying “look out, I’ll flash you.” Lexi has also decided that her baby brother should be named Frank. I’m not sure if this is a step up or a step down from her original plan to name her brother Baby Sister.

4. Knitting. I’ve found another new hobby. A friend that I met through the adoption process (whose son is 3 weeks older than ours and at the moment they are cribmates) taught me how to knit earlier this week. I learned how to knit a long time ago but I only learned how to knit. Which meant the only thing I could make were scarves. Josie taught me how to knit and pearl and I’ve been messing around with the stitches seeing what happens when I knit a row and then pearl a row, or knit a bunch and pearl a bunch or do both knit and pearl in one row of stitches. It’s been pretty fun. I have 2 things that I want to make before our baby comes home. One is a hat for our little guy (since it will be really cold when he gets home) and then other is stockings. My grandma made stockings for all the grandkids and they are great. I want to make similar ones¬† for our kids. I’m thinking if I learn how to make a hat, I can make a stocking.

5. Adoption. We’ve had our referral for a little over a week now. And I am pretty much staring at his photo all day at work. The kids in my class have all given me their approval on his cuteness. Hmmm….on second thought, I think I’ll save this for another blog post. It’s going to get long.

A long and productive day

November 2nd, 2008

We got up at 6:30 this morning. Not by choice. Lexi woke up sick (seriously, that kid throws up more than I’ve ever seen any other kid throw up) and so she hung out in our room watching movies while Kevin and I attempted to get another hour or so of sleep. Didn’t work so well. We moved the party downstairs so Lexi could watch movies on the laptop and I could sew. It didn’t work so well since all she wanted was to eat. Which she couldn’t do because it all would come right back up. I did get some sewing done in the morning but most of my morning was spent trying to console a very pissed of sick and hungry toddler who kept lifting up her shirt and shouting “See?! My tummy’s not sick!” She did manage to keep food down and then take a nap. She woke up from the nap crying. Kevin and I raced in there thinking she may need to throw up again. She was didn’t. We asked what was wrong. “I’m just still so hungry! I want to go to Los Cabos.”

While Lexi was sleeping I did get a lot of sewing done. I finished another Christmas present. I made myself a cute cell phone holder. (I had a bunch of scraps and I wanted to see if an idea would work. It did.) And I finished my 12 quilt blocks for the quilt square exchange. I also got 2 new blocks in the mail this weekend. Keep on sending them in people!

Kevin was also productive. True to form, he’s ahead of schedule for NaNoWriMo.

Daylight Savings has also thrown everyone for a loop today. Lexi started asking to go to bed at about 5:30. I was ready to crash by about 8. (Although I just got a second wind). I forgot how much I dislike it getting dark at 5 in the winter.