I don’t want to know.

January 28th, 2008

Right now, Lexi is standing on a stool at the kitchen sink. The sink is about half full of clean water and bubbles (from dish soap). Before dinner I filled up the sink and she stood there filling up cups, stirring the water, and generally making a soapy mess. Now, I’m on the couch and she’s back at the sink. She’s as happy as can be, probably making some gigantic mess on the counter and floor. I don’t really want to go in there and see what the kitchen looks like. I hear a lot of pouring and splashing and I also keep hearing comments like “mmmm…drinka da bubbas!” and “ooh bubbas on da stole (stool)” and “I want mo cups.” (which are empty yogurt containers she keeps fishing out of the tupperware drawer). I’m guessing that there is water everywhere and the sink is probably almost empty. But, she’s been happily entertaining herself for over a half hour so I really don’t care how wet the floor is.

She just walked into the living room. Her shirt, pants and socks are complete soaked. I’m guessing it’s a reflection of the rest of the kitchen.

Best Excuse for Not Listening to Your Mom

January 28th, 2008

While I was picking Lexi up from Sunday School two older boys (second-graders?) were running laps around the room. One boy’s mom asked them to stop running. He paused and replied,”But Mom, we don’t want to get Type 2 diabetes.” and then kept on running.

Adoption Dreams

November 4th, 2007

You know those dreams pregnant women have? The ones where they dream things like giving birth to a litter of puppies, or they go to sleep pregnant and wake up with a teenage sleeping in the crib, or the kid is born and instead of crying he can talk? Well, I think those dreams effect adoptive parents as well.

Since this process has begun I’ve had 2 different dreams but both focused on ending up with more kids than we had planned. In the first dream I was at work and Kevin called me to say they had matched us with a child and that they would be dropping the child off at school later that afternoon (how the kid got from Ethiopia to St. Paul in less than a day I have no idea). Well, when the social worker walked in she had 6 kids with her, ranging from an infant up to a 6th grader. In this dream I was a little worried about where all the kids were going to sleep and how I was going to get them home since our car only holds 6 and 6 kids + me made 7. I woke up before we left the school.

The second dream I had (this was last night) went like this: We had received and accepted a referral for a baby. It was an infant about 5 months old. We flew to Ethiopia with Lexi to pick up our child. When we got there we were staying in the guest house of the care center (so far none of this seemed strange because this is how it’s actually supposed to happen). They introduced us to our child (a little girl) and we took care of her for the day. At night she went back to the care center to sleep. The next day they brought her back to us to care for again. The day we were leaving they had an entrustment ceremony for all the new families. When it was our turn they told us they had a suprise (this is the part where it got crazy). They told us that instead of bonding with one little girl we had been bonding with a set of identical triplets and then asked if we wanted to take all 3 girls home. Now, most people (including myself) would be a little panicky of the idea of taking home 3 kids when only expecting to be taking one. We’ll we took all 3 and the only thing I kept worrying about was the fact that once we landed in America we wouldn’t have 3 carseats or enough diapers. In my dream it was impossible to go to Target and get those things I guess.

My guess is this is all coming from the fact that we said we would consider twins or sibling groups and so I truly don’t know if we will be adopting 1 or 2 children. There was no place on the form to indicate if you would take triplets and when I asked our social worker if saying yes to twins also put us in the category of yes for triplets she told us that she had never heard of triplets being adopted from Ethiopia. But, guess what, I was looking at pictures of recently adopted kids and guess what I saw? That’s right, a set of 7 mo. old triplets from Ethiopia. I know I could handle twins or a sibling group but taking on 3 kids at once, it’s a little overwhelming. The parenting part isn’t but seriously, how do you take care of 3 new kids + Lexi on an 18 or more hour plane ride?